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  • Toledano P, Reventun P, Viskadourou M, Alcharani N, Osburn W, Lowenstein C, Arvanitis M. The transcriptional landscape of human liver endothelial cells. Blood Advances. 2023.

  • Arvanitis M, Tayeb K, Stober BJ, Battle A. Redifining tissue specificity of genetic regulation of gene expression in the presence of allelic heterogeneity. Am J Hum Genet. 2022.

  • Arvanitis M, Qi G, Bhatt D, Post W, Chatterjee N, Battle A, McEvoy JW. A linear and non-linear mendelian randomization analysis of the association between diastolic blood pressure and cardiovascular events: The J-curve revisited. Circulation. 2020.

  • Arvanitis M, Tampakakis E, Zhang Y, Wang W, Auton A, 23andMe Research Team, Dutta D, Glavaris S, Keramati AR, Chi NC, Ren B, Post WS, Battle A. Genome-wide association and multi-omic analyses reveal ACTN2 as a gene linked to heart failure. Nature Communications. 2020.

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